Who We Are

We are professionals in freight handling. Stelo Transportation has the expertise to keep your business moving without any worries or hassles.


Stelo Transportation is in the business of getting your shipments from A to B. We deliver valuable assets through our elite trucking fleet. Logistics can be complicated, but we believe in keeping things simple for our clients. Let us worry about any complexities in shipping. You tell us what you need to be delivered – and we will get it done.


Dave Smith
Dave Smith
Customer Liaison
Mr. Smith is the focal point for customer problems, questions or concerns. He coordinates with the proper company personnel to provide timely and accurate answers for our customers.
Milla Kohl
Milla Kohl
Carrier Operations Manager
Mrs. Kohl provides leadership to all team players responsible for transportation. She ensures the acquisition and development of a team of fully accountable professionals focused on quality service and exceeding customer expectations.


We partner with companies that share our values and will uphold our commitment to our customers.


Partnerships help Stelo Transportation provide excellent service to our customers. We have high standards for all partners to maintain quality service. It is of upmost importance to us that each partnership is a win-win-win relationship — for both partners and the customer.

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