Our shipping services adapt to the needs of our clients, no matter how detailed. We possess an in-house, highly advanced fleet stretching to the most extreme of capabilities. Some of our offerings include:

Dry Van

Our dry van services have been in operation since day one. We provide the most profound expertise in over-the-road services. No matter what distance or load, we deliver promptly with all the care and consideration expected.

Specialized Freight

Size, shape, weight, or value means nothing to us. Our team is highly capable of handling any freight, ensuring the utmost responsibility. We treat every load as our own, delivering every specialized job effectively.


If your loads are smaller, no problem. We offer dedicated and trustworthy LTL services (less-than-load), stretching national and international reach. We are competitively priced, adept in handling, and guarantee quick deliveries.

Project Logistics

Communication in our team is open and flowing, making for a flawless execution of any logistics projects. Outline your needs to our friendly support staff, and we will make the transportation plan.

Stelo Commitment

We are committed to being the leading logistic solutions provider to our customers. We are continually improving & implementing quality management to achieve it.

S Rogers, Owner
Stelo Transportation, LLC

Our Objectives

Our objectives are centered around our customers.  We focus on loading and moving shipments as rapidly and safely as possible, as well as delivering shipments exactly when expected and in the same condition as the items were when loaded.  Our objectives include:

  • Exceeding customers’ expectations
  • Quality shipping standards
  • Competitive rate structure
  • Quality employees
  • Transportation safety

Our Guarantee

We are commitment to customer satisfaction. We go above and beyond to provide the most convenient and all-inclusive trucking service around. It is our guarantee that all of your materials will arrive intact and on time at competitive rates.

Where’s my shipment?

The Most Trusted Company

We are Stelo Transportation, and we pride ourselves on being one of the most trusted and recommended freight haulers in the area.


Stelo Transportation started with a truck and a vision. Having valuable assets and freight that needs transport can raise lots of concerns within clients. How do they know that they can trust the courier? Are they going to handle our goods with the same care we treat them? The lack of responsibility from the multitude of haulers was concerning.

With other truckers only concerned with A to B without any responsibility for the freight, we found an opportunity. We wanted to build a logistics company that could find trust with any assets – but provide a transparent and efficient service that should come with the job. Our mission was to bring the interpersonal touch into the transport of goods, delivering on time, wherever they need to go.

Those ideals have been the foundations of our success. Referral upon referral helped us grow into one of the most revered trucking entities in our area. Every existing and new client is guaranteed efficient transportation with open lines of communication throughout. We have a team ready and willing to get the job done, and a fleet that can service even the most sensitive freight.